Monday, September 19

some funny family tidbits

Other than that, the week went by quickly and well.  My family is super nice and accommodating, but I’m realizing just how bizarrrrrre they can be sometimes.  At the same time, though, if my actual family had a foreigner come live with us, that person would probably think we were the weirdest group of people too.  For instance, my sister likes to touch my face a lot.  It was slightly uncomfortable at first, peripherally seeing her stare at my face at dinner and then proceed to reach out and touch my neck or my cheek mid-conversation.  They’ve asked me some funny things like:
“did you see michael jackson’s body?”  Like wtf no of course not. 
“Did you see osama bin laden’s body?” are you kidding?!
“can people like elton john get married in the united states?” ummm… you mean homosexuals?
“when do people start having sex in the united states?” not until marriage.
“are you married?” yes, with 2 kids and one on the way
 “you don’t eat rice every day in the united states?!?!? Why?????” because it’s not normal
“French fries are the best vegetable, right?”  food pyramid?
“5 kilometers is the same as 5000 miles” no that’s just not true.
my host mom, lala

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