Monday, September 19


My sister decided it was a great idea to go to gastro pizza right before coming home for dinner to grab a quick pre-dinner bite that included a full ice cream cone, a full pizza, and a foot long sandwich… and she thinks I’M crazy for not indulging.  Pizza to the malgache is not real food, it’s like an appetizer or something.  It would be crazy to have JUST pizza for a meal!!!!!
Also, regular meals here ALWAYS have white rice… the average Malagasy eats something like 2 pounds of rice a day.  So I’ve been eating white rice three times a day… and surprisingly, I’m not sick of it and I don’t think I will become sick of it anytime soon.  My favorite way to prepare it is called varysoso, which means wet rice.  It’s like a soupy rice and I find myself craving it when I haven’t had it in a few days (with a little bit of salt.. mmm so good).  The problem with the Malagasy conception of food and healthy eating is that they don’t get the fact that rice is a major carb, and so is bread, and so is pasta, and so are plain spaghetti noodles, and so are French fries.  Last night, the dinner was all of those things.  No meat or veggie last night, justtttt the carbs.  And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those things… but when you’re being convinced that french fries are vegetables and that’s why I must eat them (along with the rice and the noodles and the pasta and the bread), I’m notttt so sure they’re right...
The crabs we had one night were soooooo delicious... but nothing like maryland crabs!

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