Monday, September 19

fairytales and malagasy skits

The week following was pretty standard… had a French presentation that I chose to give on my observations of Malagasy fashion, and also a Malagasy presentation in skit-form with Maddie and Jade: Jade was a 74 year old geezer on a date with Maddie, the 20 year old Malagasy prostitute.  I was the server, and when Maddie figured out that Jade was that old, she left him for me, the 24 year old hunk waiter who loves to dance.  Annnnnnd that is the extent of what I can say in Malagasy as of right now. 
We also had a tiny old woman come tell Malagasy fairytales to us one day… apparently she’s famous in Madagascar for her storytelling abilities.  She brought a pink old school boom box and some traditional Malagasy instruments that she played sparingly to create some suspense here and there.  It was pretty neat, and the best part was at the end when we got to dance – the poor woman was so obviously frustrated with us uncoordinated, extremely noisy, occasionally smelly (cough jade cough) americans, but it worked out and of course ben partnered up with another one of his elderly Malagasy girlfriends (I think it’s about 5 now!!). 

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