Monday, September 19

birthday party

When I woke up on Saturday after a night “out on the town”, it was perfect timing to head to Maddie’s little brother’s birthday party.  Maddie’s Malagasy family (mostly her mom, Jenny) is the shit.  I arrive after my beloved taxi driver david drops me off and was immediately welcomed with a million kids screaming: “BONJOURRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” from the balcony above.  All of the kids at the 10 year old’s birthday party go to a private French school, so they all speak in French all the time with each other (this is pretty uncommon, and also a sign of high social class).  The big thing in Madagascar is KARAOKE … they have karaoke bars everywhere – literally, everywhere – and it’s pretty much expected that most families have a way to do karaoke in their homes.  They also play the same 5 American songs over and over and over… it’s pretty funny.  Naturally, karaoke was the big enterprise of the birthday party, but before then, the kids gathered in the living room to dance to some music.  I found this to be unbelievable – never in a million years would someone in the states be able to say to a bunch of 6-11 year olds that there entertainment for several hours was to dance to some pop songs together.  It was probably about 20 boys and girls sitting around when the music came on – and immediately everyone started going CRAZY – and I mean absolutely fucking crazy – the 6 year old girls lined up in a row and made up dances together that were the most unbelievable, most intricate, most sexual routines… their mothers smiling in delight as Maddie, Ivana, Jade, and I looked on in horror/shock.  It was like these tiny babes were dancers in a rap video or something, I kid you not.  I mean, props for being able to shake your stuff like that – it was really incredible actually – but at the same time… whhhhhhhhat the heck.  What was so amusing to me was that these kids were completely satisfied with just dancing and singing for hours on end… it seemed like they were having the time of their lives.  Then jenny brought out the confetti and shit got wiiiild – shiny confetti everywhere!!!!!!!!! A week later and im still finding confetti in my bags, pockets, etc. 

the cutest little things

time to party!!!


crazy guuuurlz

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