Wednesday, September 7

religious day

the day that we went to ambohimanga, we also visited a sacred religious spot right beneath one of the great hills of the central highlands.  There were three separate sacred spaces devoted to different things... people from all over travel to come here to partake in the religious ceremonies.  The first was a tiny little dark hut - we witnessed the slaughtering of a duck over the back of a man's neck... the men were really drunk (this is customary) and it was meant to signify a sacrifice to soldiers or something... I don't really know.  The second was to honor midwives (this wasn't that interesting)... and the third was meant to honor the ancient king -  this one was surrounded by a large wall and there was dancing on the inside and alcohol was prohibited... a few pictures from it:

 This is a water hole ... just thought it was kind of cool picture

 The bottom of us the sacred colline (hill)

 The third ceremony

Jimmy post benediction

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