Wednesday, October 12

Mihinana ankizy i Dave

 = Dave eats children.  
This was the rumor going around the villages (or at least made its way to Jimmy’s homestay parents who then got a french speaker to relay this urgent piece of information to him) about the vazaha Dave in the next town over who was unfortunately hunting down and eating all of the children in the village - or whichever ones he could sneakily get his hands on!!!  This was absolutely not a joke, and jimmy's parents were really concerned that our academic director Roland should know asap about Dave's misbehavior. Apparently, Dave's daily walks by himself indicated to the villagers that he was on the prowl for scrumptious malagasy children... so weird, right?
Other rumors got passed around between villages as well: Laura was really sick in the hospital (not true at all), maddie was terrified of a mouse, dave was really sick until he saw charlotte (although this was definitely 100% true... the lovebirds), emma was calm....?! i mean yeah i guess i was calm but what the heck kind of anecdote is that to pass along? talk about lost in translation?

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