Saturday, October 22


in swahili : MJI ANGAIA, which means cite de fleurs.  i have found paradise!!!! this place has been my favorite thus far in madagascar.  the best way to describe it is an african key west... tropical, extremely hot, brightly colored buildings, bananas and mangos everywhere you look, the beach!!!... life is good here. and mahajanga is definitely known for its way of life: moramora, or slow-paced & laid back. it is different from tana in almost every sense, and although i love love love living there, our two weeks in mahajanga is definitely appreciated.  whereas in tana where we were all told by our host families to be scared for our lives if we were out on the streets past five oclock, and where we couldnt pull out our phones on the street - and god forbid pull out our cash!!!, we can breathe in mahajanga a bit better (and not just literally, although thats been really nice too the lack of pollution here!).  Walking back from school to our homestays at night is possible here!! in fact, ben and i have been walking back at night every day and stopping for brochettes on the street from our fave gasy gal... sooo liberating!

fresh mangos and bananas mmmmm... this is our classroom.
my neighborhood in mahajanga

jadebabe... dressing the mahajanga part. outside our classroom.

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