Sunday, October 9

back to tana to lala

My host mother in tana was so excited to cook me omby tail on Sunday (cow tail)… it was pretty funny/sweet.  “Emma!!!!! Guess what I got today to cook for you?!?!?!” I was immediately wary… ummm “poisson sec?” was my response, preparing myself for the worst.  She laughed… “no, don’t be silly. Omby tail!!!” Tail? I just hoped it didn’t still have hair on it.  I responded with a smile, “Merci beaucoup…! Je suis impatiente d’essayer…”  It turned out to be pretty delicious, pretty much the same as every other piece of omby meat I’ve eaten… who knew!?!
Another funny thing my host mother in tana said the other day was about the Asian members of our SIT group.  Cassie is chinese, ivana is from the Philippines, and chie is half Japanese, but all three are American.  We were talking about going back to the United States or something, and she asked me if the Japanese girl missed Japan.  I was like… what??  I said that Chie has never been to Japan.  My host mother was so so so so confused, and so was i. I realized during our moment of confusion that she didn’t understand how any Asian could be an American.  I tried to explain this to her, but was not successful.  She just kept asking, “but have you seen her do karate? Because all Asians do karate, no matter where in asia they are from.”  I tried not to laugh, she was dead serious.  First of all, what?!?! Second of all, why do you care about whether the Asians in my group do karate???
I’m really going to miss Lala’s ridiculous commentary.  The other day, I had a stomach bug and she said: “ohhhh, I know.  It must be the cold wind.”  I was like, “yeah, must be… that makes sense.”

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