Thursday, October 27

mahajanga encore

our ride to church... picture me squeezed in there and a malagasy man pulling us up hills in this tiny posiposy... although im glad i can say that i have taken a posiposy in mahajanga, this was not the most enjoyable ride of my life!!! i felt so terrible for the poor man... but it's a huge part of the culture here and no one really thinks much of the incredible physical labor that these men bear in the intense heat. 

boarding the ferry in the mozambique channel on our way to kantsepy... if there was anyway we were going to die in madagascar it would have been on this boat!!!!!
annnnnd we have arrived safely!
beautiful sand bar right next to school

walking on water!
she cray cray

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  1. bien que je ne lis pas trop votre language,j'aime rai juste te dire(à propos de poucepousse),j'etais aussi comme toi masi que veux tu,si tu ne montes pas,le moniseur n'aura pas a manger ...etc
    Amicalement Zou de mahajanga...
    heureux de faire ta connaissance