Saturday, October 22


on our way to mahajanga, we made a two night pitstop to camp in ankarafantaska, a national park home to some crazy exotic animals.  lemurs were everywhere and always hanging out in the trees right next to our tents and the dining area, and we even got to see some of the little tiny mousy lemurs sticking their cute little heads out of the trees when we passed by on the trail. we also got to do a night walk through the woods which was really really cool - i have NO idea how these guides can pick out chameleons the size of a lima bean in the pitch dark and covered by trees and brush, but they can! its some type of bizarre gasy talent...

this guy has a cool looking black ring around its neck

soooo close!!

a few highlights: malagasy smores (delicious but extremely weird), nary's guitar requests: emmy lou harris & shania twain, pig screeching lemurs at night, bear in boots chez jade, louis' rations, playing gasy dominos

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