Sunday, December 4


As our time here in madagascar is coming quickly to a close, we have been spending the last of our days on the west coast in a beautiful little beach town called morondava. White sand beaches, clear blue water, giant baobabs, lush greenery, rainbow lizards, fruit galore… life could not be better. So much has happened in the course of the past month of our independent study projects, don’t know where to begin.  A few “highlights” :
-an old man tried to sell us lemurs on the beach
-witnessed a woman literally shitting on the street (sorry don’t know how else to put it- and this was not a good highlight obviously)
-hung out with jaojoby at his pub in tana (famous Malagasy musician)
-oasis the rasta bar… attempting the Malagasy rhythm – tapiki dancing
-racing in pousse-pousses (human taxis) to the restaurant the pousse-pousse –thank you m. bernard!!
-rats eating my soap bars
-maty rats (dead)
-surprise cockroaches !!! and snake-like bugs.
-sophia became a lawyer… and a wife
-jade found a botanist cure for cancer; starting an ‘export-import’ “business” with her Malagasy bf
-contracted a parasite… it was bound to happen
-really improved my Malagasy bartering skills
-have not yet surpassed maddie in the bongolava rice eating competition, but usually come in as a close 3rd or 4th.
-helped kill and gut some chickens
-have successfully stayed awake through 3 consecutive hours of Malagasy church most Sundays of homestays
-dancing with the gasy… probably my favorite highlight
-homemade rums (easily mistaken with toka gasy.. the illegal but widely consumed alcohol that is sometimes made with formaldehyde.. can make you blind and even kill you... often fermented in such places as hollowed pieces of logs)
-becoming locals at our pink hotely!! they really know how to make a kickass bol renverse
-mofoball extremes
-getting momentarily caught in a brush fire while on the taxibrousse back to tana…
-laughing so hard with jade that we actually fell to the floor

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